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Bangor - Councillor Peter J. Martin

Cleaning up Donaghadee

Sunday 11th February 2018

Following our Council meeting in February 2018 we made significant forward progress in getting a deep clean for Donaghadee Public Realm but this was despite a clear attempt by the Alliance and Green Party to frustrate this process.

Cleaning up Donaghadee

I am wholeheartedly convinced that Donaghadee needs urgent and specific treatment and the current cleaning regime is simply not fit for purpose. The need for this deep clean is there for all to see and our Council Officers, who have inspected the area, agree with our own assessment. We have therefore requested a costed report to see what needs done to bring the necessary improvements and then maintain the ongoing cleanliness. It is unfortunate that some parties wish to play politics with an important issue such as this. But I will continue to work closely with DUP colleagues and other Unionists like Councillor Mark Brooks to ensure that Donaghadee is not ignored, as some would have it, but rather clearly prioritised based on the clear need that is there.

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