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Finally it’s time to play in Ashbury, Kilmaine & Ballymagee

Wednesday 1st August 2018

For literally years now we have waited for a play park that will serve the residents of Ashbury, Kilmaine and Ballymagee. A few years ago I secured significant capital expenditure for the project in Council and a promise that Council would deliver on this issue.

Finally it’s time to play in Ashbury, Kilmaine & Ballymagee

I have kept this project alive in Council, reminding both Officers and Councillors of the commitment that was made to my constituents to have a play park in this area. In fact just before the summer I asked for another update on this project at the relevant Council committee. This area is one of the worse served in terms of play provision(for the number of children living there) in the whole Borough. We have all waited long enough. 

Over the next two or so months a full public consultation will be carried out in the area by Officers, probably in one of the local churches or schools. This will be advertised in the local press. Everyone who wishes to express a view is very welcome to attend. Council Officers will be present to answer any questions people might have and hear the thoughts and views of local residents about what they would like to see. I have also designed a short survey which you can find on my facebook page or you can just visit and share your views. It is just seven questions and will take less than a minute to complete. I will past the results onto our Officers, it is completely anonymous. It is important that Council hears your voice on this issue.

Play provision a critical part of a child’s development, it benefits them physically, develops motor skills and also aids social development. It is about time that this was delivered for the people of this area, I intend to see it through to the end.

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