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Martin arranges for Holocaust Survivor to meet local School children

Tuesday 1st May 2018

Henry Schachter was born in 1939 to a Jewish family living in Berlin. Soon after, his family fled to Poland and then to Belgium, where his parents took the agonising decision to hand their only child to a Christian family for his safety.

Martin arranges for Holocaust Survivor to meet local School children
Henry Schachter with some of the pupils and staff of BGS and Bangor Academy.

There, he became one of Belgium’s 3000 ‘hidden children’. His parents were later captured by the Gestapo, and deported in the penultimate convoy to Auschwitz. Both of Henrys parents were murdered weeks before the end of the war. At 79 he now spends his time, speaking to young people about how the Holocaust effected his family and the rise of anti–Semitism again today.

Cllr Peter Martin (DUP)

“I want to firstly thank Henry for coming over to Northern Ireland to share his story, it is truly gripping stuff. I would also like to thank both Bangor Academy and Bangor Grammar for accommodating him at very short notice. One of Henry’s key messages was that we must stand up against anti–Semitism, in a way that previous generations have failed to do. We see it all around us and, very disappointingly, even at the highest levels of UK politics. We need to speak out with confidence and courage and say ‘never again’ ”

Lynn McNally (March of Life)

“We live in a time when sadly many of the millennials have little or no knowledge or understanding of the events that took place over 70 years ago in Europe. An atrocity against mankind where attitudes of hatred, racism and anti–Semitism were allowed to fester which ultimately led to the massacre of millions on the basis of ethnicity, disability, religious, political or sexual orientation. We need to learn and pass on this knowledge from generation to generation, raising our voices against every form of hatred, racism and anti–Semitism, so that what took place 70 years ago will never happen again”

Gary Greer (VP BGS)

“It was a great honour to host Henry in Bangor Grammar and listen to his incredible story of courage and survival. The love of his parents and the pure terror they faced travelling as Jews through Europe in 1939 came acrossclearly in Henrys presentation. The salience of Henrys message today is clear, we must never stand back and take a nonchalant approach to anti–Semitism but instead face it down”

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