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Martin calls for new pavements for Ballymacormick

Tuesday 4th September 2018

Last week, having been approached by a number of local residents,I arranged a site meeting with representatives from the Department of Infrastructure to appeal to them to replace the current paving stones with Bitumen pavements throughout this area.

Martin calls for new pavements for Ballymacormick

We walked along Plantation Road, Heatherstone Road and Woodland Avenue demonstrating to the Officials where we felt the issues were. There were a number of broken slabs, uneven slabs and dips in the footpath. I would be particularly concerned that if we have a cold spell in winter and these pools of water freeze they could be significant hazards, especially for the elderly. 

It was encouraging that Department Officials accepted there were specific issues with broken slabs and ridges but they also intimated to us that unfortunately Ballymacormick is not yet on the repair/refurbish list for Ards and North Down capital projects. We did however identify a number of specific points where trips could occur and some pavement ridges which were more than 20mm which they promised will be repaired. Officials also found a range of issues with recent Virgin Media work which will need further repair and they will be following up on these with the company. I will continue to lobby on behalf of constituents to ensure that Ballymacormick is not forgotten about as these major repair programmes roll out throughout the Borough

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