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Bangor - Councillor Peter J. Martin

All our Fallen must be remembered

Monday 1st October 2018

This month I made a proposal to Council that the main Poppy which had been placed, in the past, on the front of Bangor Town Hall should be reinstated and properly illuminated at night. It is my understanding that it had been damaged through strong winds in past years. I was delighted that our Officers had already repaired it and it was indeed ready to go back up in time for this year’s period of Remembrance.

All our Fallen must be remembered

The Poppy is of course wholly non political and recognises the sacrifice of all our Service Personnel regardless of colour, creed and religion. During the debate I emphaised the importance of parents explaining to their children what the Poppy was and what symbolism stood behind it. In fact I told the story of when my daughter Lucy (who was 5 at the time) noticed my Poppy going to work one morning. She asked me what it was and I told her the following ‘It remembers soldiers who died so that we could all be safe’, she looked at me for a moment and then said ‘Daddy, can I have one?’ so I gave her mine and she wore it to school for the rest of the period of Remembrance. 

It is crucial that we explain what the Poppy means to our children and our grandchild so they realise that the democracy and safety which we enjoy today was not attained cheaply

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