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Groomsport - Councillor Peter J. Martin

Fighting to preserve our military history

Thursday 20th September 2018

Grey Point Fort is undoubtedly one of our best pieces of local military history in the Borough but it has been underutilised and under resourced over a number of years.

Fighting to preserve our military history

 I wish to pay tribute to Andy Glenfield one of our local military historians and alsothe Grey Point Amateur Radio Society who have worked on and lobbied for more funding and recognition for this important local landmark. I am aware that a cross border project (in conjunction with the Rural Partnership) is examining the future potential of the Fort but for various reasons the progress has been extremely slow. We have brought this matter before Council to get an update on progress so far and also arrange a briefing for all stakeholders who wish to engage in the project. If there are local military historians in the Borough who wish to get involved in the project please contact me and I will pass your details on”
Councillor Stephen Dunne

“Grey Point Fort in Helen’s Bay is an historic local landmark dating back to 1907 right in the heart of our Borough. I feel we should consider ways of actively developing this site to both preserve its rich heritage but also to develop it further as a tourist attraction. The Fort has a very interesting story and enjoys wonderful views right across the Lough and I feel there is real potential for it to be further developed and as a member of the local Rural Partnership I very much welcome plans being worked upon by the Partnership which operates in conjunction with Ards& North Down Borough Council

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