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Donaghadee - Councillor Peter J. Martin

Let technology help our Dog Fouling problem

Monday 4th February 2019

People are rightly annoyed and frustrated by the behaviour of a tiny minority of dog owners who continue to let their dogs foul on our streets and near our schools. As a Council we continue to do our best to both clean up after these individuals but also catch and fine them.

Let technology help our Dog Fouling problem

We believe that technology has its part to play and we have therefore asked our Officers to research a number of Apps for mobile phones that will allow individuals to take photos of the dog mess and send them to directly to Council with the press of a button. There will be GPS technology in the App which will allow our Officers to compile a map of the worst areas and target both cleansing and enforcement resources most effectively. Given that resources are limited we need to ensure that Council uses them as efficiently and effectively as we can; this technology will allow us to do exactly that. We will now wait for Officers to bring back a report on the technology out that and if any suits the needs and requirements of our Borough. Rest assured that my DUP colleague and I will continue to fight hard to keep our streets and schools clear of this mess and to press for more enforcement action for those caught.

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