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Leaving dog poo on the pavement is simply no longer acceptable

Tuesday 18th December 2018

Over the last number of days I have noticed a spike in the reporting of dog fouling on social media, particularly in the Robinson Road, Kilmaine and Towerview areas. A number of constituents have already contacted me directly about this.

Leaving dog poo on the pavement is simply no longer acceptable

The behaviour of some dog owners in allowing their dogs to foul and then not pick it up is wholly unacceptable. As well as being socially repugnant it can have serious medical repercussions for those of us with young children, should it get in their eyes from prams travelling through it. It needs to be made clear that most dog owners are very responsible and have already got the message to bin their dog foul, either in council bins or at home in their own green bin. But it is also clear that there remains a small hard core who feel themselves above such behaviours or who simply don’t care. We must catch these people and fine them appropriately. 

This Council has made very positive progress over the last four years with the sheer number of fines over this Council period escalating by over 400%. This is due in part to an increase in staffing levels but also we have better information coming from constituents through to Council Enforcement Officers so that streets and areas can be targeted at certain times in the day. I would encourage everyone to come forward with information which will lead to individuals being caught. You can telephone our enforcement officers directly on 02891 824005. I will be raising this current spike in dog fouling at the Environment Committee this week and asking that the areas that have already been highlighted to me will be observed by our enforcement teams with a view to catching the offenders.

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