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Linear Park Oil Leak causes distress for local residents

Sunday 17th February 2019

I was alerted last Thursday by a constituent about oil being present in the Cotton River which runs through Linear Park. I immediately contacted our Council Officers who had already being working on trying to find the source of the oil in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and Northern Ireland Water. AES Marconi, who are experts in tracing oil spills, were also employed in trying to find the source of this contamination.

Linear Park Oil Leak causes distress for local residents

Our Officers have now concluded that the most likely cause of this was home fuel oil, spilling out of a household tank upstream, seeping into the soil and finally finding its way into the river. When I walked along Linear Park on Friday, even in high winds, there was clearly the smell of oil in the air. I was advised by a constituent that some residents had voluntarily moved out of their home because of the smell. 

This was a complex problem given the fact that the oil was not obvious above ground and most likely to be entering the river through the water table. I’m glad to say that Officers have advised me that we are now close to solving the problem. I would finally appeal to all householders in the area to check their oil tanks just in case one of them is still leaking.

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