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Martin urges parents to be aware of dangers of drugs

Tuesday 19th June 2012

FASA is an excellent first point of contact in North Down and it does a mar– vellous job, educating and intervening in otherwise seemingly hopeless cases.

Peter Martin 

‘Recently [whilst volunteering in my role as a Safezone leader] we came across a young man who admitted to us he had taken some drugs and he gave me the street name of the drug he had taken – I recognised it as a ‘legal high’. ‘Legal highs’ are drugs legal for shops to sell as long as the packaging states that they are not for human consumption’ 

Karl Williams 

‘At FASA we have seen some of the implications mainly linked to the drug Mephedrone, the major concern from this anecdotal evidence is the severity of impact on the users mental health following periods of use. Effects can vary depending on the particular substance taken, these falling into the stimulant, depressant or hallucinogenic categories. Paranoia, panic attacks, memory loss and weight loss would be among many possible side effects.’

Peter Martin 

‘There is a strong irony here as the young people who buy these ‘legal highs’ purchase them for the effects they would achieve through more widely known drugs. Their effects are similar to class ‘A’ drugs such as Cocaine or Ecstasy and are just as dangerous. The young man we found was wandering confused towards the marina – the night could have ended very differently for him’

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