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Northern Irelands historic buildings need protection

Wednesday 17th February 2016

Local residents have recently become aware of plans to alter forever the beautifully landscape of Ballyholme Bay. Two houses have added to the historic character of the bay for over 100 years [Red Hall and Brooklands] and now a developer is planning to build five houses on the grounds of Brooklands.

Northern Irelands historic buildings need protection

These include two with their backs directly facing the promenade. The erection of these five new dwellings, two of which will directly impact onto the very historic landscape of Ballyholme Bay, is wholly unacceptable and a group of local residents have started a campaign to ensure it is stopped.  

Cllr Peter Martin

I was extremely alarmed when I heard the news that a developer was planning to build several houses on the grounds of Brooklands – one of Ballyholmes most famous Edwardian houses.  This proposed development will not only effect those in situ with Brooklands but everyone who enjoys the scenery and landscape of one of our Boroughs most beautiful and historic landscapes. I support development within our Borough because it provides jobs, wealth and is a factor which provides impetus for economic growth, however it needs to be sustainable, sensitive and not at the detriment of our rich built architectural history which I believe this particular development will destroy. I would strongly encourage people to object to this development by contacting our planning department with the email and quoting reference  LA06/2015/0981/F 

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