Peter J. Martin
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Donaghadee - Councillor Peter J. Martin

Large scale underage drinking needs addressed.

Tuesday 1st March 2016

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen a number of fairly large scale incidents of underage drinking and the associated behaviour that can come with it. Clearly it is important though not to tar all young people with the same brush.

My concerns here are two fold; firstly for the young people who are literally putting their own lives in danger through, in some cases, the massive over consumption of alcohol within a short period. Parents should be reminded that young people can literally die through such behaviour. Secondly in these heavily intoxicated states young people can become abusive to others and in some cases even aggressive or violent, there must be a zero tolerance approach to this. I would encourage the PSNI to deploy the appropriate resources when these events are known about in advance and confiscate any alcohol they find at them. 

One sensible step would be to have a police presence both at Translinks Bangor and Belfast Train stations to seize the alcohol before it gets consumed. Finally there is a role for further health education in schools to make young people aware of the very real dangers involved in this type of behaviour.

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