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Martin tackles the issues of weeds – literally!

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Last week two constituents from the Ballymacormick Road contacted me about the amount of weeds on the footpaths of our road. Ards and North Down Council are not actually responsible for clearing weeds from footpaths – that is actually a responsibly of Transport NI [TNI are a Government department].

Martin tackles the issues of weeds – literally!

Usually when prolific weeds are reported to us, Councillors will then contact TNI who will schedule in the spraying of the weeds at a later point. TNI did get back to me saying they would consider the road for spraying but did not specify a date. At that point I suppose I just felt that I should take some personal ownership of the problem, especially because I’m a public representative of that area and it’s also the road that we live on. 

It was a particularly wet afternoon but I did get a couple of people honking as they went past and another two people did stop me to ask if I was with ‘Roads Service’? Just spading 1/2 of one side of the footpath yielded six rubble bags of small weeds and a green bin full of larger tall weeds which had been growing along the side. I eventually had to finish because I managed to break my edger which I was using to extract the weeds! As I write this I still have 2/3 of the road still to go which I will finish over the next two days. 

Possibly some people reading this will think ‘that’s what we pay taxes for’, that is indeed true. But I also believe that as Politicians we should be setting a positive example rather than the negative one we are sometimes associated with. 

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