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Who ya gonna call? Weedbusters!

Friday 1st July 2016

A couple of weeks ago I decided to dig up the weeds along the Ballymacormick Road but, as I feared at the time, they are beginning to re–grow already. I’m aware that there are a number of streets within our Borough where weeds are already growing fairly prolifically.

Who ya gonna call? Weedbusters!

I therefore decided to see if there was way of dealing with them more permanently in an environmentally friendly way. After some research on the internet I found a weed killer consisting of just Salt, Vinegar and Fairly Liquid. This mixture is completely safe for humans, birds, and animals but very effective on weeds. 

I’ve purchased a backpack sprayer and enough salt and vinegar to do a chip shop for a couple of weeks, my wife wondered this week where all the washing up liquid has gone!  My daughter was insistent on helping me and so Lucy now has a mini sprayer of her own and we’re currently using some of our free time in father/daughter bonding – embarking on a weed spraying programme throughout Bangor, Groomsport and Donagahadee. We’ve already done some areas of Ballymacormick and the footpath beside the Groomsport Road Roundabout which was frankly appalling.

Of course I’m not suggesting or advocating anyone else should do this, but given tighter budgets within Government and lots of very important competing demands for those resources [like Health and Education]  this is a small personal service that I can actually do to directly serve my constituents. This for me is a core aspect of what politics should be all about.  I am not particularly  ‘time rich’ but I do believe that every little helps.

So if you have weeds growing out of the footpath in front of your house or on your road please get in touch with me by email or look me up on face book and send me a message. I will do my best to get your weeds treated within a week or so. I think the demands for this may be quite high so I’m initially concentrating on the area I represent in Council which is Bangor East and Donaghadee.

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