Peter J. Martin
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Bangor - Councillor Peter J. Martin

Fairer Tax for all

Sunday 1st May 2016

We are all aware of the recent high profile cases of tax avoidance such as Google who are paying, according to Her Majesty’s Treasury, about 3% tax. In fact they only paid this amount when they were dragged, kicking and screaming, to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

Not only is this behaviour unethical but when applied across the business sector it makes for a very uneven playing field for our local companies who have to compete with the big firms. 

Christian Aid has proposed a new, more ethical way of doing business and we’re supporting it. So we’re asking our Council to incorporate a new tax compliance measure, that is already compulsory for central government contracts worth more than £5m, which will ensure when we buy goods or services they are from a company who pays the appropriate rate of tax. This is simpler and fairer for all, why should we as individuals pay all our tax at the appropriate rate and yet some businesses nearly avoid it completely. 

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