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Bangor - Councillor Peter J. Martin

Dog attacks in the Borough

Thursday 1st September 2016

I am very concerned about a report from a constituent whose Border Terrier [Herbie] was savaged by a large long haired black dog on The Commons in Donaghadee. The attack happened on Sunday [25th] shortly after 5pm. Herbie was on a lead and the other dog was seemingly uncontrolled.

The information that I have been given suggests that its owner did little to prevent or stop the attack. Its owner was remains unidentified but was described to me as a young woman in her late teens to early twenties. Clearly Herbies owner was very shaken by the attack and wanted to personally thank a couple who stopped to help her. Herbies owner is an elderly lady was who deeply shocked by the incident but thankfully her dog survived without major life threatening injuries. I would appeal for anyone who witnessed the attack to come forward and contact the Councils Neighborhood Environment Team with any information.

Simply legislating to have all dogs on leads at all times is also inappropriate as the majority of owners are both considerate of others and do have sound control over their dogs. I have already spoken to our Council staff to ensure the incident is fully investigated. I will also be asking for more dog patrols especially on the Commons in Donaghadee to make sure that both dogs and members of the public are safe from attack. Unfortunately these incidents are on the rise and the irresponsible behaviour of a small number of dog owners is unrepresentative of the vast majority.

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