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Dog poo at unacceptable levels

Friday 27th January 2017

In recent weeks I have been contacted by a number of constituents concerned about the amount of dog poo on our streets. Interestingly and every credit to them every single one was a dog owner themselves.

Dog poo at unacceptable levels

Whilst the vast majority of dog owners are completely responsible in this area it is clear a small minority our not. I drove around Ballycrochan, Towerview Ashbury and Ballymacormick and in some cases found up to seven deposits on a single street. This is unacceptable. Whilst the nature of dog poo is unpleasant Doctors are clear that it provides a clear an increased risk to babies and toddlers. The illness is called Toxocariasis which is very serious and even cause blindness in young children. Any of us with young children in buggies or prams will know the danger of unwittingly pushing the pram through some dog poo and then bringing the buggy into the house. Any inquisitive toddler who is investigating around the house could come in contact with it and fall seriously ill. 

Whilst I was out pushing my son Zach last Saturday morning I saw a lady with three dogs and three bags of poo – I shouted across the road at her “Well done for picking up your dog poo” she simply smiled and replied – if you have dogs that’s what you need to do” This demonstrates the attitude of most dog owners but again there are the a minority of exceptions. People with scant through of others. 

I welcome the fact that in the next few weeks Council will be employing staff up to 100 hours a week with the sole intent of catching people who fail to pick up their dog poo. I also welcome the fact that we as a Council is the second best at fining people who are intent on ignoring the law. But we all have our role to play If you see someone not picking up their dog poo a simple call or email to our Neighbourhood Environment Team on 0300 013 3333thiswill provide useful intelligence and we will task staff to your area to catch the culprit. The people of our Borough have simply said enough is enough

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