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Holding Virgin Media to account

Thursday 11th January 2018

Recently constituents reported to me the serious problems with the pavements after Virgin Media had finished laying high speed internet cabling. I fully understand this is essential work for the increased provision of high speed digital fibre and that the majority of this work was carried out to a satisfactory standard. However there are areas throughout the Borough where the pavements were left in a very poor state.

Holding Virgin Media to account

In Towerview I visited constituents where I witnessed a puddle that was 5 feet by 2 feet right in the middle of the pavement. If this froze overnight anyone walking down that particular pavement would effectively be walking onto an ice rink. In the last two months I have taken on more than 25 pieces of case work for constituents in our area. I’m working closely with Virgin Media Senior Managers and many of the issues are not getting resolved. 

I also (along with my colleagues Cllr Cathcart) have got Council to agree to request that Directors from Virgin appear before our relevant committee to explain any outstanding issues and how they will be resolved. 

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